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Developing ideas for researching and writing a PIP (HSC Society and Culture)

7 November 2009 by shartley   

As a follow up to the previous post I need to comment on how the students’ ideas for their Personal Interest Projects (PIPs) are progressing.  They are all thinking about their possible topics or further refining topics they like.

As part of the final PIP students are required to include a log to demonstrate their progress.  This year I have introduced a blog to not only keep a journal but to interact with educators and other interested people so they can understand that they are not simply undertaking a school project but taking on a task that could be highly significant to many.

I am absolutely delighted that only 24 hours after I promoted the blog on Twitter and Facebook an educator from the USA has commented on each of the students’ posts and blogged about it too: .  There are also a couple of comments from an ex Society and Culture student who is currently studying journalism at university.  I hope that this process continues to grow and students thrive from the experience.

So check it out to see the many ideas being developed and please provide comments to encourage the students along.

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  1. I enjoyed reading and commenting on your students ideas. Giving them the opportunity to blog their ideas is great and hopefully it will open their eyes to the possibilities of global digital communication.

    I’ll keep checking in, if any of your students want to incorporate data from other cultures/communities, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. I work with K-12 teachers here in Vestal, NY so I probably could assist with making a connection.

    Have fun,

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