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  1. Protectionism Game (role play)

    7 November 2012 by shartley

    Another experiment with my HSC Economics class.

    On the drive to school I had an idea for a ProtectionismGame:


    I had to remove two of the fours from the selection of cards due to absent students but overall it went well.  The students were happy to work in their random pairs and they prepared their arguments well.  Other than the Lego cars (which I unfortunately forgot to photograph) I had some sugar sachets and fake money as props.


    The negotiation role plays went well.  I believe the students will remember the ones they had to prepare and deliver but there was an issue with them following other negotiations occurring.

    At the end we did a debrief and went through the graphs that relate to subsidies, tariffs and quotas.  I think the best value they gained from the game was experiencing the different perspectives of the players involved and thus also having some idea of how FTAs are negotiated.

    I’m counting this one as a success.

  2. Xtranormal Global Business

    2 November 2010 by shartley

    Today students in pairs chose topics out of a lucky dip.  I demonstrated an example of how to use xtranormal to illustrate how to show a concept through animation.  There was a little bit of trouble with how slow xtranormal can be on our server but the students coped well with it and had other work they could do while they waited for rendering to occur.  Some students made the mistake of using characters that would cost so had to change their characters before publishing their final video.  It was a bit rushed at the end of the lesson so some of the students were not able to publish properly (yet).  One has no sound and another just hasn’t published properly.  One student forgot to link his concept, legal considerations, to global business so created a video about prenuptial agreements.  My mistake was not paying enough attention to the work he was doing.  There were some good results though.  Here is an example.



    Tastes and religion in global business





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